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 Experience Sadhana Constructions 

Sadhana Constructions is a boutique builder for people who demand more from their builders. We offer a turn-key, design and construct service best suited to property developers looking to maximise value in their builds.

We are a small, elite team for the purpose of achieving one single goal: to set a new standard for value for money, quality and speed of residential construction.

Our philosophy is to create lifetime clients who build with us regularly and so our service is honest, upfront, and completely transparent.

If you’re looking for a builder who is interested in building a relationship, not just a home, then we are the builder for you.

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Competitive Pricing

Whether you’re building your dream home, or you’re a property development, nobody wants to pay too much. Our lean overheads and efficient processes mean that our pricing is highly competitive, even up against the most cut-throat project builders. At Sadhana, we promise to always give you our best price upfront, in a clear, transparent manner.

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Excellent Base Inclusions

At Sadhana Constructions our Enhanced Specification has been hand-selected to maximise return on investment from your developments. We choose good quality, value for money products that are on-trend and maximise resale value of your development.

For individual homes, our Enhances specification can form a good starting point, and is fully customisable to your needs.

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Transparent Communication

When you build with Sadhana you get access to our online platform with the projected timeline of your build, plus regular photographic updates on how your build is progressing along with a direct line of communication to your supervisor, designer and your liaison.

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Great Value on Upgrades

At Sadhana we offer exceptional value on all upgrades so that you can have your cake and eat it too. You will have guidance from our interior designer on value-add opportunities, whilst receiving real-time price updates from our estimating team to ensure we remain on-budget.

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Design Excellence

At Sadhana, we offer fully personalised and custom designs at a fraction of the cost as to what you would normally pay. Our experienced team combines expertise in planning regulation, architecture, interior design and engineering to help deliver turn your vision into reality

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Rapid Build Times

At Sadhana Constructions, we take on only a few projects at a time, and project manage effectively to ensure that your build is completed as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality.

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Specifications 2019

 Our Process 

“Design is intelligence made visible”- Alina Wheeler

At Sadhana we believe there is no sense in trying to squeeze square pegs into round holes. Our process is personalised and flexible and can be tailored to fit your needs. Refined by valuing and acting on vital feedback we have found the art of guiding clients between form, function and aesthetics.

Step 1: Concept Stage

A brainstorming session is carried to identify what your specific needs are. We explore architectural style preferences, identify colors of interest, set budgets, size of build and limitations. This is an iterative process, and often takes a few revisions before we get something that is just right for you.

Step 3: Interior Design

Provided by our in-house interior design consultant a detailed review of your home will be carried out to identify areas for aesthetic improvements. These could include room layouts, cabinetry designs and structural design features. 

Step 5: Pre-Start

A secondary meeting will be scheduled with our interior design consultant to assist in the selection process of your integrated products, colours, lighting and even finishing products if a turn key build in selected. 

Step 2: Approval Stage

The approval stage involves several key milestones including, costing the project, formal acceptance of the design & price, lodgments to authoritative bodies and planning approval (if required).

Step 4: Contract Documentation

Preparations will be made to complete all the required documentation including the architectural plans, engineering plans, addenda and the HIA contract documents along with your payment schedule. 

Step 6: Construction

A supervisor for your project will be allocated along with access to an online portal and mobile app to track the progress of your build 24 hours a day. Our strategic team is also only a phone call away.

Custom Process
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